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HACS members can have their For Sale, Trade, or Wanted ads posted on the Website free of charge. Email ads to ads@hacsbc.ca, or give them to any of the Executive at the HACS shows. Buyer(s) must possess a VALID PAL to purchase any firearms.

FOR SALE | Lance 250-768-7721
Military Collector/Man Cave: One 27 foot 50 Caliber Gun Belt. 312 Rounds. Brass, Bullet, and Links = 1 Belt. Price: $1,800 (Valued @ $2,500)

FOR SALE | Colin 604-341-1917, seaforth72@gmail.com
Winchester Model of 1917 US Army rifle in virtually mint original condition with Winchester M17 bayonet $1,900; Reising Model 50 WWII .45 DEACTIVATED as used by USMC and in Canada by Reserve Army units and others. Cock and click. $900; Original very rare M2 Carbine DEACTIVATED Cock and click $1,100; Ventometer made in UK, for setting windage on target rifles “H.P. MILLER’S PATENT” $35. More items on my web site at https://captainstevens.com/militaria-for-sale-and-wanted

FOR SALE | Larry: 604.298.2070
Several 1st gen. Colt revolvers, cap & ball, single actions, peace makers, Bisley, 1860 Army, various calibres, call for info. Several long guns, sporting & military, 22s, .303 No. 5 L.E. rifles, 30-06 hunting rifles, many misc. WW II bayonets, Japanese Samurai sword parts, blades, various military ammo. Hunting & pocket knives, etc. Preparing to downsize and move soon. Have been collecting for 35 years. Phone for prices & descriptions.

FOR SALE | John 604-620-0652
CZ 455 LUX .22 WMR barrel. only 20 shots through it. $175.00.

FOR SALE | Ole: 604.847.9355
• Mossberg o/u shotgun .410 cal., Grade Silver Reserve, $525.

• Armed single shot folding shotgun 12 ga., New. $225.
• Browning Semi-Automatic Rifle. 30/06 cal., Grade II, made in Belgium. Like new, $950.

FOR SALE | Contact: 604.858.7869
WW 2 and Korean War:  American, British and Canadian uniforms, machetes, etc.

FOR SALE | Robert: 604.700.9554
• “GUN TRAVEL CASE”–Heavy Gage Aluminum for 2 or 3 Long Guns w/3 Lockable Hasps & Carrying Handle;  132 cm (52”) Long, 35 cm (14”) Wide, 11cm (4 5/8”) Deep & Lined w/ Rubber Foam Pads. $110.00
• BROWNING Light-12 made in Belgium in 1971, MINT: COLLECTOR/HUNTER SPECIAL: 2 VR Barrels; 28” Mod. C; & 24” IC w/ BROWNING Hard Leather Custom Travel Case; ORIGINAL QWNER: Lists in USA for $2500+; REDUCED TO CDN $1995.00
• ITHACA M-500, SKB 20Ga. 3” VR O/U (Circa 1970); Like New w/Soft Padded Case. ORIGINAL OWNER. REDUCED TO CDN $1045.00
• CHUBBY HUESKE Commemorative Knife (AS NEW) #13 of 21 Commissioned by Safari Club International in 1976+/-; 4 inch Drop Point, Hollow Ground and with Micarta Grips and Original Leather Sheath. Ivory Grip Inserts Scrimshawed with SCI Logo (on one side) are also included. Original Certificate of Authenticity signed by Chubby Huseke provided. $495.00
• KERSHAW Vintage Knives Mfg. in Lake Oswego, OR, RARE and No Longer in Production There
• KERSHAW; Folding M-2040 (Stag); Locking 3 1/4” SS Blade & Handle w/Inlaid Rosewood & w/ Original Leather Sheath, MINT: $115
• KERSHAW; Folding M-2050 (Rancher); 3 1/4” Locking & 2 1/2” Clip SS Blades & Hdl. w/ Inlaid Rosewood & w/ Gerber Leather Sheath, MINT: $110

FOR SALE | Contact: akldf@hotmail.com
• Several Parker Hale rifles, safari 1200, 30/06, one det. magazine for each. Fair to good condition. Open to offers.
• Parker hale rifle, safari 1200, 35 Whelen, good condition, c/w Bausch & Lomb 3×9 scope, two det. magazines, loading dies and lots of good brass and bullets. Very good shooter.
• Box of leather and synthetic holsters (~15), for semi pistols and large revolver, shoulder rigs.

FOR SALE | JT Hibberd: 604.652.7167
One Remington 700 SPS Light Tactical Rifle for sale. The specifications are as follows:
• Modified Remington 700 SPS LTR rifle
• Timney match trigger
• Modified extended bolt
• Target crown 11* professionally cut
• Choate precision target stock
• Bushnell Model 3200 10×40 MIL Dot scope with tactical target turret knobs and pop open scope caps
• Comes with sniper drag bag case,cleaning rod, chamber guard
• Rifle has less than 100 rounds through barrel.
The price for the complete set is $1000.00 firm. I can ship to any address in Canada and require a photo copy of PAL for all transactions.

FOR SALE OR TRADE | Dave: 250.832.4123
• 20g. X 3” Yildiz SP2M, o/u, 5 chokes. NEW in factory box with manual. $1050.00 + shipping
• 12g. X 3” Optima/Hatsan Semi-Auto, adjustable & detachable stock, pistol grip, oversized charging handle, adj. sights, ‘DOOR-BUSTER’ muzzle attach. AsNew $500.00 + shipping.
• 20g. X 3” Remington 870 Express, matte blued-tiger striped wood. Factory manual & box. AsNew, $450.00 + shipping.
• SIMSON SUHL DRILLING – 8 x 57 JRS / 12g. X 2 ¾”. Schmidt Bender 2.5 – 10 x 55 scope. Call for details. MINT. $4000.00 + shipping
• SAVAGE 10-110 Tactical Rifle, .308 Win., Bushnell Elite Tactical 6-24 x 50. Call for details. AsNew. $2950.00 + shipping
• .223” cal., Remington 700 VTR, Scorpion 4 – 16 x 44 optics. Call for details. AsNew, $1300.00 + shipping
• Taurus/Rossi Judge, .410 x 3”/.45 Colt, ATI Scorpion & factory grips. Single & Double Action. Taurus Security Locking System. Factory manual & box. New, $600.00 + shipping.
• Taurus/Rossi Circuit Judge, .410 x 3”/.45 Colt. Stainless 18.5” barrel, revolving cylinder for five rounds. Taurus Security Locking Systems. New – No box or manual. $850.00 + shipping.
• .357 Magnum, Ruger GP-100, 4” barreled revolver. Cushioned wood & synthetic grips. New, no box or papers. $495.00 + shipping
• .177” cal., Crossman ‘Quest’ 500, Model CSM77. Break-Action, single shot. Adjustable sights & trigger. Rifled steel barrel. Under 6# in weight. $100.00 + shipping.
• ‘BRODIE’ – Canadian WWII ‘Tin Hat’, GSW 1941, Mk.I. EXC. E-photos avail. $150.00 + shipping
• HORN – BP Powder Horn, real horn, 14” long, fitted plugs for openings, leather carry strap. EXC. E-photos avail., $45.00 + shipping
• 7.62 x 39, SKS/SIMONOV, Tula (1951), TIMBERSMITH thumb-hole, laminated stock, WILLIAMS sights, QUICK RAIL System, original military stock, bayonet & cleaning rod included. EXC. $550.00
• SOVIET NAVAL OFFICER’S DRESS DAGGER, (1951), unissued condition. $300.00 + shipping.
• .38 SPL., S&W MODEL 11, .38 Spl., 4” barrel, re-work by Parker-Hale, re-proofed by British Proof House. VG. Prohib.12-6. $300.00 + shipping
• .32 ACP, CZ-27, .32 acp, auto-loading pistol, two mags., two slides, two barrels, two sets of grips & extra set of internal parts. Czech manufactured in 1946.. EXC. Prohib 12-6. $350.00 + shipping

WANTED – Interested in acquiring by trade or purchase the following:
• Magazine(s) for Beretta 38/42.

• MOSSBERG Model 42M,46M or 46MB .22lr, bolt action, mannlicher stocked rifle
• Vintage Single-Shot cartridge pistols


Contact: CollectingMilitaria@gmail.com  –  SA Finnish Marked SVT-40, or non refurbished SVT-40 or SVT-38.

Contact: demonofchoice@outlook.com  –  Outdoormanship in Lower Mainland (40+). Interested in hunting and fishing. I am looking for a partner with mentor or living legacy outlook. I do have my life experience and willingness to provide transportation, share costs and to acquire new and to reinforce, existing knowledge, behavior, skills, values. I outing, fish and hunt with a dog. I am European with a family and ethical values have all licenses and most gears.

Gary: 604.329.6176  –  Complete gunsmithing, metal work, wood work, checkering, all types of bluing and high tech metal finishing, re-barreling, etc.

Al: 604.291.1952  –  Canadian Firearms Safety Courses & Conservation Outdoor Recreation Education Courses & Exams – Certified Examiner

Mike: 604.552.1254  –  604.833.5574  –  Gun Stocks Refinished – hand rubbed oil finish, 1st class job, reasonable rate, excellent references. 

George: 604.841.0710  –  Bill: hughes@militaryautographs.com  –  All era military items such as autographs, helmets/headgear, uniforms, decorations, & edged weapons. Single items, estates, or collections. 

Adam: 778.223.3335  –  Entire collection or single pieces of military, mountain, camping, fishing, hunting/target (rifle, carbine, shotgun, pistol, knives), surplus and factory ammo, scope, range finder, binocular and alike, parts-remains, artifact, publications, new clothes, junk for parts. Ethical service, licensed collector. State what you are looking for or what you have, condition, general location, and best price.


WANTED | Colin: 604.341.1917seaforth72@gmail.com – Canadian sniper telescope C No. 67 Mk. I (also known as C No. 32 Mk. 4), slide (upper mount) and base; windmill rear sight (4 peepholes rotating vertically) and wood furniture for experimental Long Branch Scout Sniper’s rifle; Long Branch rifle w/ serial number starting w/ ASE or EX. Photos and more info on my website: https://captainstevens.com/militaria-for-sale-and-wanted/wanted-militaria

WANTED | Gary 604-858-7869 – g.strahl@telus.net British and Canadian Swords; Also Weapons and Militaria of the East India Company.

WANTED | Mike: 604.462.7263  – Aperture Sight – Williams For Model 94 BigBore – 375 Calibre.

WANTED | Paul: 778.278.2205  –  pocomilitary@gmail.com  –  Used firearms, ammo and other surplus military equipment. We buy, trade and consign. We can collect anywhere in the Lower Mainland with pleasure.

WANTED | Dave: 604.856.7579  –  Gewehr 98 All matching collectable example. PTRS/PTRD anti tank gun and deactivated guns.

WANTED | David: 604.552.1713  –  Inglis Hi Power, any condition deactivated for my WW2 Canadian display. Will pay cash.

WANTED | Jim: 604.290.1911  –  Colt 45acp Government 1911’s and 1911 A’1 or variations.

Contact Natalie at ads@hacsbc.ca to ADD/REMOVE ads.


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