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Email Applications to:
Please ensure that ‘ATT’ is included in the subject line of the email and that requests are made well in advance of the intended travel date to ensure that the application will be processed in time.

HACS Annual Show



2020 MARCH 21 & 22

For Table Rentals Contact:
Gordon Bader604.747.4704 or Al Amundson778.385.8489

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Please be advised we do not mail out confirmation of applications for our annual show.  Cheques are not cashed immediately but are often held in bulk.  We are all volunteers and as such we try to keep the workload down for the folks whose hard work make the show possible.
We do not use PayPal or any online payments.  We do personal cheques, cash or Postal Money Orders as payment for tables. 
A good policy is to place your personal cheque at the bottom of your application form and make a Photocopy to keep and bring with you to the show.  That way you have proof you sent in your table application and payment for the show.
We get hundreds of applications for the 600 tables at the show so it is not practical for us to mail out confirmation letters.
Drive In Unloading commences at 1PM on Friday March 21st.  Once you check in at the registration desk and get your vendor envelope and determine in which building you are in and your table location you can either drive in and unload or carry your goods in.  
If you are happy with your table location at the show this year, there is an application for next years show in your vendor envelope, just fill it out and take it up to the ladies at the front desk with payment on Sunday and you are guaranteed the same table or tables at the 2021 March show.  They will issue you a receipt.  There is no table bumping allowed so you can only pre-pay the tables you have at this years show.  
All firearms have to secured in some manner to render them safe.  Trigger locks, cables or Zap Straps.  Handguns must be in a secure container on the table or cabled to the table.  CFO and staff are on site for handgun transfers.
As long as you mailed in your application along with payment you should not have any problem upon arrival at the show.


Rates are based on two person occupancy and includes 24 hour room cancellation guarantee.

Best Western Rainbow Country Inn
43971 Industrial Way – 604.795.3828
Includes complimentary hot breakfast (Gun Show Rate)
Good location, across the freeway from the Show
Two Restaurants, Tim Horton’s next door
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Hampton Inn by Hilton
8050 Lickman Road – 604.392.4667
Includes Breakfast (Gun Show Rate)
Great location across the freeway from the Show
No Restaurant in Hotel (Hot Buffet Breakfast)
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Coast Chilliwack Hotel
45920 First Avenue – 604.792.5552
Includes Breakfast (Gun Show Rate GFC 3271)
Located in downtown Chilliwack
Restaurant in Hotel (Hot Buffet Breakfast)
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Comfort Inn
45405 Luckakuck Way – 604.858.0636
Includes Hot Buffet (Gun Show Rate)
Located near the Sears Mall in Sardis
Ricky’s and other Restaurants nearby
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Chilliwack Travelodge
45466 Yale Road – 604.792.4240
IHOP Restaurant attached
Located off the Freeway on Yale Rd.
Husky Restaurant just across Overpass
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Vedder River Inn
5788 Vedder Road – 604.824.7999
Includes Light Breakfast
Located in Sardis on Vedder Road
Recently renovated Motel
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