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H.A.C.S Newsletter – July 2022

As you all know Ron Tyson passed away some time ago. He had a large accumulation of knives that I am selling for his daughters during the July HACS show at Evergreen Park. I also have the wooden cases that Ron always had on his tables, filled with magazines, sights, other gun parts, knives, and various other small items. I’ll have these cases at the coming show to be given away to HACS members who would like one.

I conducted a little poll regarding the newsletter, as to whether we should restore the paper version or stay with the website version only. During the poll, members favored the print version, which is expensive, some were fine with the website version as is, but the majority suggested an emailed version of our newsletter. We’ll be trying the emailed version and hope to have it ready for the September newsletter. SEND ME YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS.

Want ads have been missing from the newsletter, so if you’ll send me your email address along with your items for sale or wanted, we’ll get it started up again. Note: One or two items only for now! I’m new to this.

 This newsletter is always in need of letters to the editor and articles of interest to the members.


H.A.C.S Newsletter – May 2022

Here we go with our first Saturday Gun Show on May 21, 2022, after a 2 year plus interruption. If it’s anything like our big show at Heritage Park last March, it will be outstanding. I hope to see you all there.

With municipalities and most provinces across the country jumping onto the Liberal handgun ban, all gun owners need to come together and work hard to protest, vote against this action and try to educate non gun owners that it isn’t the law-abiding gun owner causing problems, it’s the criminals. Banning handguns will do nothing to stop the smuggling of guns across our northern 8891 km undefended border and 3 oceans. The only thing a handgun ban will do is cost Canadians millions of dollars to recover legally owned property, make some anti-gunners happy, deny honest gun owners the enjoyment of their hobby and allow the thousands of gun smugglers on both sides of the border to make more money. 

There are a great number of gun owners who do not own handguns and are not concerned with this ban because they think it won’t affect them. They are wrong! Once handguns are banned the emboldened various governments will continue to seek bans on assault style rifles, hunting rifles and shotguns. So, it isn’t just the federal Liberals and NDP.

H.A.C.S Newsletter – March 2022

 The Historical Arms Collectors Society will be having their 50th annual show this month. However, there have only been 48 shows in that time because of the pandemic.

H.A.C.S. officially started in 1970, but years earlier, 1965 to be exact, the British Columbia Arms Collectors Association was started by a group of historical arms enthusiasts. The original executive included Mike Raynor, JS Brown, MT Bongalis, Mike Galan, Gordon Bader, Tom Bongalis, George Brown, Frank Macey, Don Murdock, and Alex Thunstrom.

By 1970 this group had fizzled out and was replaced by what is now the Historical Arms Collectors Society of BC. They originally wanted to call it the BC Historical Arms Collectors Society which was like the earlier club but by then the BC government of the day vetoed that name, because it indicated the organization was being run by the government. So, BC was placed at the end of the name, and everyone was happy.

The first executive of the new historical Arms Collectors Society of BC was:

President – Miles Fenton

Vice President – Ellis Foulds

Secretary – Ron Tyson

Treasurer – Fred Bardua

Sergeant at Arms – Bob O’Connor

At this point the Directors are unknown.

The very first show in 1970 was held at Jubilee Hall in Burnaby and had 27 tables. The next year’s show was at the Seaforth Armories in Vancouver and had 100 tables. H.A.C.S. has since flourished with monthly and Annual shows in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, and Chilliwack.  

Letters to the Editor

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