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Email Applications to:
Please ensure that ‘ATT’ is included in the subject line of the email and that requests are made well in advance of the intended travel date to ensure that the application will be processed in time.

Common Sense At Shows


    • Call Ahead. It’s ALWAYS best practice to call ahead to verify dates, times and the location.
    • Be Polite. It will go a long way to provide a great show experience for everyone involved.
    • Safety. Make sure all firearms are unloaded and secure.
    • Guns Aren’t Toys. Don’t treat them like ones.
    • Respect. Return firearms, knives and merchandise the way you found it.
    • Empty magazine(s). Even if your carry is open and secured with a tie, magazines should be empty of ammo.
    • Wire Ties. Many promoters require all firearms to be wire-tied through the action.
    • Check in your firearm(s). Many times it’s required to check your firearm(s) in at the front door.
    • Properly handle firearm(s). Nothing worse than pointing it (even if unloaded and action open) at someone.
    • Open the Action. Every time you handle a firearm check the action to ensure it’s unloaded.
    • Don’t Sweep! Never point the barrel towards someone.
    • It’s Sharp! Don’t ever touch the blade or edge of a knife.
    • Never close a folding knife hard. You seriously injure yourself or it can break the handle or back-spring.
  • One Blade. Only ever open a single blade at a time (including multi-bladed knives).
  • Never Interfere in a deal between a buyer and seller. Do not comment on any interaction that is not your own.
  • Know the laws in regards to Firearms. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.