Common Sense At Shows


    • Call Ahead. It’s ALWAYS best practice to call ahead to verify dates, times and the location.
    • Be Polite. It will go a long way to provide a great show experience for everyone involved.
    • Safety. Make sure all firearms are unloaded and secure.
    • Guns Aren’t Toys. Don’t treat them like ones.
    • Respect. Return firearms, knives and merchandise the way you found it.
    • Empty magazine(s). Even if your carry is open and secured with a tie, magazines should be empty of ammo.
    • Wire Ties. Many promoters require all firearms to be wire-tied through the action.
    • Check in your firearm(s). Many times it’s required to check your firearm(s) in at the front door.
    • Properly handle firearm(s). Nothing worse than pointing it (even if unloaded and action open) at someone.
    • Open the Action. Every time you handle a firearm check the action to ensure it’s unloaded.
    • Don’t Sweep! Never point the barrel towards someone.
    • It’s Sharp! Don’t ever touch the blade or edge of a knife.
    • Never close a folding knife hard. You seriously injure yourself or it can break the handle or back-spring.
  • One Blade. Only ever open a single blade at a time (including multi-bladed knives).
  • Never Interfere in a deal between a buyer and seller. Do not comment on any interaction that is not your own.
  • Know the laws in regards to Firearms. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.