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HCSBC April 2023 Newsletter

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Minutes of the HACS General Meeting held on March 18th 2023

Meeting opened by Art Hoivik (President) .

Meeting opened to order at 5.06pm.

Present were: Mike Wallace, Don Beebe, Bryan Morphy, Jennifer Korhonen, Debbie McMillian, James George, Paul Murray, Paul Baker, Bill Campbell, Malcolm Finlayson, Al Simmons, Leo Hansen, Patrick Bird, Blair Hagen, Hardy Szaub, Andrew Lim, Bob Patrick, Doug Morton, Steve Boschmann, Jim Bennett, Dan Hildebrand, Gord Bader & Mark Lewis..( If i missed anyone my appologies)

Minutes of last meeting held last year were not read out but were accepted as noted.

Art welcomed all and commented on huge crowd and good show. He acknowledged that the Arm Bands used for pre-pay worked very well and that the practice should be continued.

Treasurer’s Report by Mike Wallace:

1. Mike reports that this last year the books were not audited. He recommends that we do an official audit at the end of this fiscal year.

2. All current payable invoices have been paid to date.

5. There are changes pending for the Society’s Act from BC Govt. Mike will forward as soon as received.

Mike indicated that there was some online information on BC Registry re the Society Act. We as a No Profit Society must comply.

The Govt requires a list of the Directors with contact numbers. Minutes must be kept for regular meetings. There are forms that need to be filed and new forms will be forthcoming.

6. Mike indicated that all accounting records are available to anyone who wishes to be informed in further detail.

Report was accepted by all as stated.

Question was asked by Bill Campbell as to door sales / members attending the show – no clear answer was forthcoming as details were not collated.

It was stated that we have over 600 members and we get +/- 325 attending per1 day show.

Art Hovik paid compliments to both Debbie and Jennifer that without them the shows would not go on. Applause and agreement from all.


New Business

1. Doug Morton commented that the sound of gunfire during a gun show was not a good thing. It was discussed and evidently it was the Fast Draw table that was holding demonstrations that caused the noise.

The solution was to get public announcements made before each demonstration.

2. Al Simmons raised the issue about why shows were changed from Saturdays and monthly to Sundays and Bi-Monthly. Art responded that vote was taken by executive, which is correct, for this exact issue.

It was felt that due to costs and attendance numbers that bi-monthly shows were more beneficial. Also it was unanimous that Sundays were preferable to Saturdays. Attendance to Saturday shows that we did have was dismal.

3. Jim Bennett had been asked earlier to run the elections. Thanks Jim for the fine job you did. Elections was started as follows:

All Directors and Executive Members were asked if they would stand again for another year.


Art Hoivik President – Declined

Fred Dallyn (VP), Gord Bader (VP) Mike Wallace (Treasurer) and Paul Baker (Secretary) all agreed to stand for another year.

Executive Members:

Debbie McMillian, Jennifer Korhonen, Bryan Morphy, Don Beebe, Paul Murray, James George, Patrick Bird all agreed to stay. Its not clear if Jay Goering is staying as Executive Member.

No new members volunteered.

Nominations for President was motioned – Gord Bader (Declined) Patrick Bird & James George.

Vote was made and Patrick Bird elected as new President.

Patrick thanked all for support. He stated that he was happy to accept the challenge and looked forward to a successful year ahead.

Compliments were paid to Art Hoivik for his service to the club and all agreed – Art did a fine job as President. Thanks Art !!!

Patrick stated that if we worked together and used the strong foundation already there, we could grow and flourish. Ideas were requested and he confirmed that we should not fix what isn’t broken..

Patrick then asked for any questions.

Again the issue was raised by Al Simmons and Dan Hildebrand about monthly shows in lieu of the present bi-monthly schedule we have. Same response as earlier was given. Added to this it was stated by Jennifer that we cannot compare the big show demographics to the regular bi-monthly shows as attendance was totally different.

Even so attendance for our 2 day show in November last the Sunday had more people through the door than the Saturday.

Debbie stated that early closure by various members was an issue at shows and should be stopped as members were complaining about this.

Art made comment that filling the tables was an issue – often during the period when we had monthly he would have t give away tables just to try and fill the hall.

Debbie noted that most vendors did not have enough product for monthly shows.

The reasons for change to bi-monthly were many.

Patrick concluded that due to table rentals it may not be feasible to do monthly in the future.

It was decided that this whole issue should be further discussed at the next meeting.

Mike Wallace made statement that our own Bi-Laws and Constitution had not been changed or looked seriously at since 1986 when some amendments were made.

In the light of the new Govt Act changes it was decided that a committee consisting of Mike Wallace , Gord Bader and Paul Baker would vet the existing Bi-Laws and Constitution and make recommendations if there was anything that needed changing.

The action plan was to have this report ready for the July Executive meeting. This is pending our receipt of the new laws in time.

Copies of current By Laws and Constitution was to be sent to the committee for review..

Gord Bader submitted a brief outline of Directors duties and Board Members duties .

Mark Lewis questioned if Govt Grants was an idea to pursue. Patrick stated that we would loose all control of society if any Govt Grants were ever to be approved. Also given the current Govt outlook on firearms in general it is doubtful any grants would be available for us.

Patrick concluded that we should move forward with ideas about raising revenue plus any fresh ideas would be welcomed.

Meeting was adjourned at 5.58 pm.

Please advise if any errors are found.

Minutes recorded by Paul Baker.


Jay Groening 778.835.8864
Show Dates for 2023

1 Day Shows

Sunday – May 28th
9AM – 2PM
Sunday – July 16th

9AM – 2PM

Sunday – September 10th
9AM – 2PM
2 Day Show
Overnight Security Friday and Saturday
Friday – November 17th
(Set Up For Vendors)
3PM – 6PM
Saturday – November 18th
(Executive Meeting at 4PM)
9AM – 4PM
Sunday – November 19th
9AM – 2PM
(Early Exit for Ferries, etc.)
All shows at the Evergreen Hall have a 64 table layout. Our two day shows are up to a 74 table layout. All HACS members must be a paid up and in good standing to rent tables at any shows.
A large number of tables are rented on a yearly basis. A number of tables are available for single show rentals for $20.00 per table with a two table limit. All shows will be sold out on a waiting list. You can book tables at any show for any following show. Please pay Jennifer at the front desk and get a table assigned for the next show or contact Jay Groening at 778.835.8864