February 10 2019


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Evergreen Hall
9291 Corbould Street, Chilliwack

Historical Arms Collectors of BC

Welcome to The Historical Arms Collectors Society of British Columbia’s website. We are proud supporters of the BC Cancer Society’s “Camp Good Times”, a summer camp for kids fighting cancer as well as the CKNW Kids Fund.

Gordon Bader 604.747.4704 – Al Amundson 778.385.8489
Memberships and renewals are available inside of the front door
Avoid all lineups with a membership!

Event Details & Application


Art Hoivik 604.795.1411 – Ron Tyson 604.522.3609
All shows at the Evergreen Hall have a 64 table layout. Our two day shows are up to a 74 table layout. All HACS members must be a paid up and in good standing to rent tables at any shows. All Table Rentals Are Pre-Paid – No Reservations.


A large number of tables are rented on a yearly basis. A number of tables are available for single show rentals for $20.00 per table with a two table limit. All shows will be sold out on a waiting list. You can book tables at any show for any following show. Please pay Jennifer at the front desk and get a table assigned for the next show or contact Art Hoivik at 604.795.1411.




Download the PDF file .

Urgent: Call to Action for Gun Owners

Immediate action is required!

Late August of this year, Justin Trudeau issued a mandate letter for Bill Blair. For those not familiar with Blair, he’s the ex-Toronto cop turned Member of Parliament who was recently appointed to a brand new Ministry and given the title “Minister of Border Security and Organized Crime Prevention”.

His job, primarily, is to assist Uncle Ralph in ensuring Bill C-71 gets passed AND to “lead an examination of a national ban on handguns and assault weapons, while not impeding their lawful use by Canadians” – there’s an oxy-moron if I’ve ever heard one.

What does this examination look like? Well, shortly after his orders came down from on high, Blair stood in committee and promised to conduct a full and balanced “public consultation” before the end of the calendar year.

Here is your “public consultation”. Please take the time to fill out this online survey right away and forward it to your friends and family to do the same.


If you are a business owner, retailer or club, please forward this to your entire mailing list. It is imperative we get this out to everyone. Please, this is vital to this fight and to keeping the property we have legally acquired. Act now!!